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It’s that time again….Yoga Mala!

What is a Yoga Mala? A Yoga Mala consists of 9 sets of 12 Sun Salutations, totaling 108. These yoga celebrations are practiced for a variety of reasons, particularly to welcome a new season. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of Winter!

We will break after each set of 12 sun salutes for a short savasana. We encourage you to take as many breaks as needed throughout class, as well as any pose variations you may need. No pressure to complete all 108, but it’s so fun and rewarding to try! (Approx 90 min.) Stay as long as you’d like. Bring your mat, water and a smile.

Friday, December 21st @ 6pm

Please pre-book through Glofox. Cost is $10.


Ommygong Pic Kim & Michael

Sound Healing & Meditation
Join Om My Gong for a (90 min.) harmonious blend of Pranayama breathing and sound meditation healing. Yogini Kim O. and gong practitioner Michael O. bring together these two calming practices taking the mind and body into a realm of healing and clarity. Our world is full of stress, anxiety and negative vibrations…take time for yourself and clear the chatter. You and only you can begin this journey to a clear and uncluttered mind.

Friday, December 28th @ 7pm

Please pre-book through Glofox. Cost is $15.


*Refund Policy for Workshops and Events: Refunds will not be issued if you do not attend. If you need to cancel, please email us at least 24 hours in advance. Do not cancel your booking, as a refund will not be automatically issued and must be done manually. Thank you for your understanding.


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