Meet Our Instructors

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Bill Henry, Sr. is our Hot Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner of The Twisted Monkey. He has over 25 years of experience teaching yoga… proving yoga is for any body and any age. He is passionate about meditation and hot yoga and created his very own sequence of poses designed to give you a full mind and body workout. Bill opened his doors in 2002 and introduced N. E. Philly and the ‘burbs to Hot Yoga. He’s got everyone hooked! One class with him and you will understand what makes The Twisted Monkey so unique and everyone’s favorite Yoga Studio.


Daniella began taking hot yoga classes in her hometown of L.A. back in 2005. Once in PA, she continued her practice and became a Yoga Instructor in 2012 and co-owner of The Twisted Monkey by 2016.  Daniella is a full time school teacher, as well as a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, mother to a beautiful teenage daughter, and a wife. She has found that these different roles are not just connected through yoga, but in her desire to help others achieve peace, confidence and empowerment. Daniella is passionate about spreading yoga’s message of non-judgement and love.


Natalie Hodak was bit by the yoga bug when she started attending The Twisted Monkey in early 2009 with friends…she’s been hooked ever since! She graduated from our very first Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in 2015 and currently teaches on Wednesdays. During both of her pregnancies, Natalie loved teaching our Prenatal Yoga classes! When she is not attempting to put her leg behind her head (which still hasn’t happened) or perfecting her eagle, Natalie spends time with her husband Jason, their two kids Lily and Jacob, and their dog Beau.

Stephanie started attending classes at The Twisted Monkey in 2013. Her journey began in hopes of finding something to help release stress form her high demanding job in outside payroll sales. After the first class, it was clear that yoga was going to become a huge part of Stephanie’s life. She is someone who has always been athletic and active. Yoga offers more than just physical fitness, however. It offers her an opportunity to learn more about her body, breathing techniques, and spirituality. This passion led Stephanie to become certified in 2015 through our Teacher Training, along with teaching our “Hot Vinyasa Flow” class on Tuesday nights and Vinyasa on Thursdays. She really enjoys sharing the things she has learned with others and loves the fact that in yoga the learning never stops. For fun, Stephanie loves spending time with her husband and son, along with their fur babies.

sarahSarah McIntyre completed her Yoga Alliance teacher training and certification at The Twisted Monkey in 2015. Through her formal work as an Accounting Director, Sarah found that yoga is her personal source of balance. She enjoys sharing the techniques that help her unwind, detox, and find calmness in daily life. Sarah believes yoga is a journey to become a healthier, more patient, and all around better person. Yoga is more than the study of perfection in a pose; it is about finding yourself along the way. When she is not teaching, Sarah is a wife and full-time mom to a beautiful little girl.


Kimmy Kash has been attending The Twisted Monkey since she was a teenager and her love of yoga eventually led her to join our Teacher Training program in 2015. She is passionate about helping students reestablish the connection between mind, body and spirit, as well as with the Earth. Kimmy also has a background in dance and gymnastics and working with children. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find Kimmy  and her daughter Vivian in the garden with their hands in the dirt. Once a seasonal organic farm worker, she also loves anything health and fitness related. Kimmy and her husband Rob are expecting their first son this Fall.


As a personal trainer, and health fanatic, Ashley believed that yoga was one of the puzzle pieces missing from her resume which brought her to The Twisted Monkey’s teacher training in 2015. She shows her passion for helping people by sharing her experience of holistic healing and teaching others how to find their own path and become more self-aware. You will find her yoga classes largely focus on proper body alignment and simply “being present” in each asana (pose). You’ll also find her “hangin 10” on our Surfset boards for our specialty classes and workshops, as she is also a certified Surfset Ambassador and Master Trainer. Ashley is a mom of 2 kids (and 2 dogs!) and spends time volunteering in their school. She loves running and spending quality time with friends and family.


A natural klutz, Nina first tripped down The Twisted Monkey stairs (true story) for a Hot Yoga class in 2012.  Inspired by Bill and the eclectic, affirming community, she knew she found her home.  The self-study that yoga inspires on and off the mat has led Nina to seek a more conscious and dynamic lifestyle (and yes, a little more physical coordination).  Now she strives to help others explore mindfulness through movement, and find empowerment, resiliency and healing in their own bodies.  Nina is immensely grateful to Bill and Daniella for the opportunity to teach, and for cultivating a lighthearted environment that epitomizes Bill’s philosophy of progress, not perfection.



Roxanne mostly practiced yoga on and off for 6 years at home until the chaos of the world began breaking her heart in 2016. After a few classes with Sarah and coming to The Twisted Monkey, she found healing that stretched beyond the physical and emotional. She soon knew she wanted, not only to receive this healing, but to give it as well. An injury caused Roxanne to leave dental hygiene. Shortly after becoming a certified hypnotist and starting her own business, she decided to join the teacher training program The Twisted Monkey. She is now passionate about serving those with trauma or in recovery through hypnosis, Reiki and yoga. Roxanne also loves exploring past lives with clients and teaching self love to those in need. You will find her teaching trauma sensitive classes, restorative yoga infused with Reiki or leading a workshop for Past Life Regression or stress relief. You may also find her participating on a mat next to you as she stays true to her own practice. Besides yoga Roxanne’s favorite place to be is traveling with her husband or at home with her sons, daughter and pitbull boxer Abby!


An on again off again yogi and former studio hopper, Pam came back to the mat and joined the teacher training program at The Twisted Monkey in 2017, where she finally found a home. Pam found her love for yoga after college as a way to get in shape and relieve stress from her day job as a clothing designer. She decided to pursue teacher training years later to learn more about the practice and to help others find balance in life. When not on the mat, you can find Pam teaching Crossfit and HIIT classes. Pam is a mom to her son Liam and daughter Josephine (and to her cat and dog!), enjoys all things DIY (though only finishes half her projects), and loves to taste test her husbands home-brewed beer and wine.


After moving to Rockledge in 2016, Daphney stumbled upon The Twisted Monkey and found her second home and community. She experienced comfort and relief at the studio while going through several surgeries and other health challenges. Daphney decided to sign up for the 200-hour certification program at The Twisted Monkey in 2018 to share her love of yoga and meditation with others suffering through chronic illness. Additionally, working as a high school teacher, she provides a safe haven for her students to practice meditation and pranayama techniques during the school day, and runs a yoga club with students after school. Daphney appreciates Daniella, Nina, and Sarah for all of their wisdom and guidance, and sends love to the Subaru crew for being her yoga family!


The Yoga door opened for Steve after watching a video of one of his favorite surfers practicing and realizing that there is something to this. Years of on and off casual practice followed, but Yoga was not a focus. Like most yogis who have had that “yoga moment”, everything changed when he had an out of body experience in Savasana. That was all it took. The door opened and the path was laid out in front of him. After years of encouragement from family, friends and yoga teachers alike, Steve took the next step and enrolled in teacher training at The Twisted Monkey in 2018. More doors opened, changes occurred, friendships and connections developed, his passion and love for Yoga exploded. Steve is honored and humbled by the opportunity to share all of this and lead classes at The Twisted Monkey. When not on the mat Steve enjoys surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and anything outdoors. Equally passionate about music and live musical experiences, you will find him travelling the country following his favorite bands and music festivals. He is forever grateful for the love and support of his wife, children, family and friends.


Roseann Rossi, aka Rose, has been taking our yoga classes for several years, but joined The Twisted Monkey as our Pilates Instructor in 2014. Rose has been working in fitness for over ten years. She has trained under IFTA – Interactive Fitness Trainers of America, AAI – American Aerobics Association International, and Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Trainers. She is certified in group fitness, personal training, indoor cycling and, of course, Pilates. Most recently she was certified in PiYo, a unique and effective fusion of Pilates and Yoga. She loves all types of exercise but feels Pilates and Yoga are practices that can be done by everyone at all stages of life. Rose is passionate about helping all who take her class to achieve their goals and increase their core strength and flexibility. Rose is also a school teacher and in her spare time she spends time with her family and continues to learn as much as she can about fitness. It truly is her passion!

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