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Our next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:


9/22/19 – 8/30/20

 All training sessions take place primarily on Sundays (12pm-6pm). Please read all information below carefully.

The Twisted Monkey’s main mission is to make yoga accessible to all. We carry this philosophy into our teacher training program by offering a 200-hour level certification curriculum that is comprehensive, yet still flexible. You will find an outline of our program below, but ask that you please read through all of the information provided. If there are still unanswered questions, please email us at twistedmonkeyyoga@gmail.com. Thank you! 

TTM 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

The Twisted Monkey YTT is designed for yoga practitioners who have at least 2 years of consistent group class experience and who are serious about becoming a yoga instructor. You will experience a variety of yoga styles, but our main focus is to provide a well-rounded understanding of the foundation of yoga, as well as prepare you to teach an All Levels Vinyasa Flow class.

The YTT program is broken up into 12 monthly units (which consist of classes, workshops, readings and assignments) that make up the 200 training hours required by Yoga Alliance. To complete the training and receive certification, you must complete all components and 200 hours, as described below. 

Training Requirements

  • Prerequisites: 2 years of consistent group practice. At least 3 classes taken at TTM (in the Main Studio) within a month of beginning training. 
  • 12 YTT Units: Must attend and complete all of the components. (65 hrs)
  • Workshops: Attend 5 additional Workshops (at Studio) related to Unit topic. (15 hrs)
  • Retreats: Participate in two 1-day Yoga Retreats (17 hrs.)
  • Weekly Classes: Must attend an average of 1 TM studio class per week. (45 hrs min. required)
  • Home-Practice: You will keep a journal and portfolio of your home practice, which will include a physical practice, homework assignments, reflection questions, quizzes, etc. (20 hrs)
  • Readings & Films: You will be required to read approx 7 books and watch 3-4 films. Discussions will take place in Book Club format, meeting once a month at the studio. (25 hrs)
  • Interviews & Portfolio: You will be required to meet with the program director for 3 interviews to take place at the start, middle and end of program, where you will present a working portfolio. (3 hrs)
  • Practicum: You will be required to teach 5 All Levels classes for evaluation and certification consideration. You will also observe, assist and provide feedback for other instructors. (10 hrs.)
  • Other: Knowledge and use of Email, Internet and Google Docs is required.


In the event of an absence, it is the responsibility of the student to coordinate make-up hours with the program director. Additional assignments may be given to ensure no part of the curriculum is missed. One absence is permitted. If there are two or more absences, we reserve the right to withhold certification and ask student to complete hours during training session of the following year. All situations will be evaluated on an individual case basis. We ask that you carefully consider the time commitment required to participate in a yoga training program. Thank you in advance.

In the event that you are no longer interested or able to participate in the teaching component of our program, a Yoga Immersion certificate may be issued upon written request.  

Tuition and Fees

The following breakdown includes all components of the training listed above. It does NOT include books (approx 6-8), supplies (i.e. yoga mat, journal, binder, etc.) or 1-2 classes to be taken at other recommended studio(s).

Full Tuition: $2400 (monthly payments of $200 by cash/check or cc.)

Discount: $2000 (Paid in Full by 1st day of training by cash/check only.)

*Registration Fee: $200 (this is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward tuition – due upon written approval.)

*Graduation Day (Certificates will not be released unless tuition balance is paid in full and all hours are completed.)

*Refund Policy

If you sign up for this course, please be prepared to honor the commitment. You will sign a contract. Should it become necessary to leave before the end of our time together, due to personal reasons or breaking of contract, the following is our refund policy:

  • 1-4 weeks: 80% refund
  • 4-7 weeks: 60%
  • 2-4 months: 50%
  • 5 months+: 0

Registration Steps

Please reserve your spot by downloading and completing the application form below and emailing it back to TwistedMonkeyYoga@gmail.com before Labor Day. We ask that you please include the names and emails of 2 personal references on your application.  Once you receive a written approval and welcome email, a deposit of $200 will be due by 9/8.

Acceptance into the program will be based on availability and experience. We limit the number of trainees to approximately 8-10 students. For additional information or questions, please e-mail us at twistedmonkeyyoga@gmail.com. 

Click below to download app:


Syllabus and Tentative Schedule

2019-2020 YTT 

Training sessions are primarily scheduled on Sundays (12pm-6pm). Occasional workshops may take place on Saturdays (1-4pm). Practicum hours will take place on Friday evenings (5-7pm) and/or Saturday mornings (9:30-11:30am). Minor schedule adjustments may be made along the way to accommodate any weather, holidays, illness or other special circumstances. The following is a sample breakdown of the topics and tentative schedule:

Sample Outline of 12 units:  

  • Unit 1 (Sept) – Introductions & First Retreat (9/22)
  • Unit 2 (Oct) – The History & Philosophy of Yoga 
  • Unit 3 (Nov) – The Yamas & The Niyamas
  • Unit 4 (Dec) – Subtle Anatomy & Retreat
  • Unit 5 (Jan) – Meditation, Mantras & Mudras
  • Unit 6 (Feb) – Teaching Specialty Groups
  • Unit 7 (March) – Sequencing, Cueing & Sanskrit
  • Unit 8 (April) – Anatomy & Alignment
  • Unit 9 (May) – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Unit 10 (June) – Practicum
  • Unit 11 (July) – Practicum
  • Unit 12 (Aug) – Graduation

Tentative Calendar:

  • Sunday, September 22nd: 9am-5:30pm (retreat)
  • ~Book Club: Date TBD
  • Sunday, October 6th: 12pm-6pm 
  • ~Book Club: Date TBD
  • Sunday, November 3rd: 12pm-6pm
  • ~Book Club: Date TBD
  • ~Workshop: Date TBD
  • Sunday, December 1st – 12pm-6pm
  • ~Book Club: Date TBD
  • ~Retreat: Date TBD
  • Sunday, January 12th – 12pm-6pm
  • ~Workshop: Date TBD
  • Sunday, February 9th – 12pm-6pm
  • ~Workshop: Date TBD
  • Sunday, March 1st – 12pm-6pm
  • ~Workshop: Date TBD
  • Sunday, April TBD
  • Sunday, May TBD
  • Sunday, June TBD
  • Sunday, July TBD
  • Sunday, August TBD

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email Daniella at twistedmonkeyyoga@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!

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