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One Love Prenatal YTT ~ Part 2 

One Love Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training- Part 2 is a 30 Hour total intensive designed to equip you with greater knowledge, confidence and a comprehensive collective of appropriate asanas (postures), meditative practices and beyond. Learning the art of guiding and teaching pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy along with helping to prepare for birth and beyond.

“One Love Prenatal Yoga” Teacher Training is an informative and practical intensive. Through this unique and well rounded immersion you will learn ways and means to facilitate and support mom-to-be. The combination of alignment based poses, esoteric wisdom and evidence based information will safely and confidently guide you, to teach yoga to women during all stages of pregnancy. In addition, you can help prepare and assist women for birth and the journey into motherhood and the 4th Trimester.

Part 2 is a comprehensive training diving deeper  in how to teach yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy. The training will explore yoga as a tool in preparation for not only childbirth, but for motherhood and beyond!

This Training will include:

• The Pelvic Floor & Pelvic Types

• Squatting

• Prenatal Prep

• Vocal & Vagus

• Mantras & Gestures

• Mala for the Mind

• Affirmations

• Prenatal Bonding

• Birth Anatomy

• Sensation, Communication & Pressure

• Labor “Training”

• Labor Positioning

• Labor Stages 

• Common Questions Answered 

• Fourth Trimester

• Observation

•Personal study


20 training hours total + 10 personal study, teaching, hands on modification and observing hours. CEUs available through Yoga Alliance and hours go toward full 85 hour One Love Pre/Post natal training.

Suitable for qualified yoga teachers, women’s health professionals, doulas, yoga teacher trainees and practicing/seasoned yoga students who want to empower their pregnancy.


Friday, March 8th 2019: 5pm-10pm (5)

Saturday, March 9th 2019: 11am-7pm (8)

Sunday, March 10th 2019: 11am-6pm (7)

Tuition: $475 (for entire weekend) Sign-up before Feb. 15th get $50 off!

To register: Click Here.

For a list of Required Reading or any questions Email: Nectarandnurture@gmail.com



Our next 200 Hour Teacher Training Session: TBD(2019-2020)

 All classes take place on weekends, primarily on (Saturdays and) Sundays (12:30pm-6:30pm). Please read all information below carefully.


At least one year of a consistent and current yoga practice in a group class setting is required.  Additionally, at least 5 classes (within 2 months of starting date) must be taken at The Twisted Monkey prior to being accepted into the program. We will also ask for 2 personal references. Please include the names, phone numbers and emails on your application. Lastly, a mandatory information meeting and/or brief interview will take place with the program director before final approval is given. Additionally, knowledge and use of email, internet, and google docs is required.


Program Details and Hours:

This program will explore several elements Yoga, including: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Subtle & Physical Anatomy, Meditation, Pranayama and much more.

You will participate in 180 scheduled classroom hours as part of the Yoga Alliance 200 hour requirement, along with 20 hours of independent study. You will participate in a variety of assignments and activities, including: readings, book reports, quizzes, workshops, yoga classes, etc. (Knowledge and use of email, internet, and google docs is required.) All hours must be completed in order to receive certificate and graduate.

Please note: We now offer a special Yoga Immersion opportunity for those applicants looking to deepen their yoga studies/practice and forego the Yoga Alliance Teacher certification. Please clarify on your application if this is an option for you. Immersion component includes 50 hours and a special discounted rate. 


In the event of an absence, make-up days and/or additional homework assignments may be assigned to ensure you do not miss any part of the curriculum. Should you miss more than 2 sessions, we reserve the right to withhold certification until you are able to make-up class time during our next Teacher Training session. Such situations will be evaluated on an individual case basis. We ask that you carefully consider the time commitment required to participate in our program and obtain certification. Thank you in advance.

In the event that you do not want or are unable to participate in the teaching component of our program, a certificate demonstrating completion of deepening your yoga studies/practice may be issued upon written request.  

Tuition and Fees

Includes 1 free yoga class per week at our studio during the length of the training. Does NOT include required books (approximately 6-8) or 2-3 additional yoga classes/workshops to be taken at different studios (average $15-$40 per class or workshop).

$2400 (includes monthly payments)

$2200 (includes bi-weekly payments)

$2000 (Paid in Full! Must be paid by the first day of training.)

$1250 (Yoga Immersion)

*Registration Fee: $200 (this is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward tuition – due upon written approval.)

*Graduation Day (Certificates will not be released unless tuition balance is paid in full and all hours are completed.)

*Refund Policy

If you sign up for this course, please be prepared to honor the commitment. You will sign a contract. Should it become necessary to leave before the end of our time together, due to personal reasons or breaking of contract, the following is our refund policy:

1-3 weeks – 70% refund

4-6 weeks – 40%

7+ weeks – 0

Registration Steps

Please reserve your spot by sending your completed application form via email to TwistedMonkeyYoga@gmail.com before the due date and attend our required information meeting: TBD. Once written approval has been received, a deposit of $200 will be due: TBD.

Acceptance into the program will be based on availability and experience. We limit the number of trainees to approximately 8-10 students.

 For additional information or questions, please e-mail us at twistedmonkeyyoga@gmail.com. 

Click below to download:


Syllabus and Tentative Schedule

2018-2019 YTT – Oct. 7th – May. 19th.

Sessions are scheduled either on Saturdays or Sundays (12:30pm-6:30pm) every 1-2 weeks. On few occasions we will meet on both Saturday and Sunday. Minor schedule adjustments may be made along the way to accommodate any weather, holidays, illness or other special circumstances.

The following is a sample breakdown of the topics covered in our program:

Month 1: Yoga History, Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics

Month: 2 Subtle Energy, Anatomy & Physiology

Month 3: Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Sutras, Limbs of Yoga

Month 4-5: Techniques, Training & Practice 

Month 6: Teaching Methodology 

Months 7-8: Student Teach/Practicum and Graduation! 

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