Yoga Etiquette

Our Top 10 Tips to ensure the best yoga experience for everyone…

  1. Please arrive on time. Arriving late is considered disruptive to the class and the instructor. If you are new to our studio please allow yourself 10 min to park, check in and get settled. For Hot Yoga please arrive at least 15-20 min early to ensure a spot and acclimate to the heat. 
  2. The standard recommendation is to fast for at least 2 hours before practicing yoga. This is especially important if taking heated classes. Practicing with a full belly or while still digesting can cause you to feel ill and will take away from the benefits of the poses.
  3. Wear appropriate and comfortable exercise clothing. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio, as the yoga space is considered sacred. Traditionally yoga is practiced with bare feet. 
  4. Please be mindful of personal hygiene. Avoid strong colognes, perfumes or other scents that may compromise breathing or the practice of other students.
  5. Please leave all large items (ie coats, shoes, gym bags, etc) in provided cubbies or out in the lobby. You are welcomed to have your wallet and other small objects with you, along with water, towel and mat, of course.
  6. Please silence your phones or other electronics and leave in your bag or cubby. Texting or using tech watches during class is very distracting to the instructor as well as other students. Yoga is meant to provide you with at least one hour to disconnect and tune in to yourself. (Note: the heat is said to be damaging to cell phones.)
  7. While our studio prides itself on its welcoming and judgement-free environment, we ask that you please refrain from conversations during the actual class, and especially during savasana (final resting pose). Again, this is distracting to the instructor and other students.
  8. If you need to leave early, please do so quietly and before savasana (final resting pose) to avoid disrupting others. Keep in mind that savasana is an essential component of a true yoga practice. Honor yourself with just 2 minutes of rest.
  9. Pace yourself! If at any time you are struggling or are having difficulty breathing, come out of the pose and focus on regulating your breath while laying down, sitting, or in Child’s Pose. Remember, yoga is not about getting the pose perfectly or “keeping up”, but connecting with your body, breath, and mind.
  10. If there is chance of inclement weather, please check Glofox, our Class Schedule page, Facebook, Instagram, or email. As as a general rule, we follow the Abington school district weather delays and school closing schedule.
  11. BONUS TIP: Smile and have fun! Yoga is one of the greatest tools to keeping a positive attitude and getting healthy. Don’t expect a miracle though, as with anything – consistency is key! One class per week is better than none, two is terrific, three or more is ideal.

In a nutshell, respect yourself, your instructor, and your peers. 

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