The Stretch Gazette – March 2018

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Happy Spring Twisted Monkeys!

While March may have brought us some indecisive weather and unexpected nor’easters, the arrival of Spring can surely be felt. As we end the month with a Blue Full Moon, a Holy week and holidays, and some long awaited Spring sunshine, may we use the powerful energy of the universe to connect us to our truest self. May our experiences this Winter and the lessons they brought allow us to blossom and grow along with the flowers. And may we remember that through Faith and Love all things are possible.


One of the traditions that come with this time of year is the idea of Spring Cleaning. I know when that first week of warm weather ensures Winter is gone until next time, I soon start cleaning out closets and cabinets, packing up donation boxes, and clearing the house of those things that no longer serve my family or home. I’d be lying if I said it’s something I look forward to, but I will say that it’s become easier and more pleasant. See, I use to struggle with letting go of things. I’d have no problem getting myself all fired up and convinced that I was ready to get rid of some junk, only to then find myself sitting in the middle of my room, immersed in old memories and overwhelmed by the idea of throwing anything away. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you would’ve seen me on an episode of Hoarders or anything. I’ve just always been sentimental and also very aware that while I didn’t go without, I definitely didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was taught to value and be grateful for what I did have and I think that somewhere along the line I started to express it by getting attached to things. It took time, patience and baby steps, but I can confidently and happily share that yoga is something that really helped me put this all into perspective. It took me a bit to understand the concept of detachment and that it’s not a bad thing. Through my yoga practice, my studies, my meditation and the amazing people in my life, I am pretty proud of where I am with this today. I work hard for the things I have, but I remember that they are just things. I like to think that I’m more of a minimalist. I’ve raised my daughter to be ok with hearing no when she wants a new gadget or pair of shoes she doesn’t need. Most of all, I remind myself often that it’s the moments I spend with my loved ones that matter.


But it’s not always material things that can be an issue. Sometimes, our thoughts and our relationships can become junk that’s just sitting around taking up precious space. So, this year, in staying true to the intentions I set for myself at the beginning of the year, I’ve chosen to include a few mental Spring Cleaning items to my list. It’s so important to check in on what things we might still be carrying within us that could very well be holding us back. Whether it’s holding on to regret that we did not accomplish something by a certain time, a relationship or friendship we know robs us of our energy, or maybe a bad habit we know we are overdue in breaking, by holding a Spring cleaning for ourselves, for our soul, we can save space for those things and people that will fill us up with positivity and love. We can then see, know and embrace our truest self. This is the yoga.


This Spring, if you are looking for a little support in letting go of things, people, thoughts and habits you’ve been holding onto that are only hurting you, may you look upon the studio and our community as a safe place and support system. May you leave your worries behind and find peace on the mat. May you find the strength you need to let go so you can grow. Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed Passover, Easter and Spring season.

Bhakti and Namaste,




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