The Stretch Gazette – February 2018

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It’s actually mid-March, so this February blog post is coming to you just a tad bit late. However, I guarantee several of you feel me when I say that, sure, February is the shortest month, but – man, that went fast! So as I sit here, watching the snow gently fall (did I mention it’s March!?) outside my window, I can’t help but notice how slowly the hours are passing by today.

As some of you maybe heard, earlier this month I lost power (twice!) during some of these crazy nor’easters we’ve had. One of those times I lost it for 3 days. I will be the first to admit that I struggled. I tried to keep it together and focus on all my blessings, so as not to lose my mind because my laptop battery was at 5% as I was posting class cancellations, my house was cold, and my newly purchased groceries were probably going bad. I did ok. Aside from some super helpful and understanding friends and family, what really put it all into perspective for me…a moment I was sitting on the family room floor playing every board game we own with my family. The hours went by so slowly and we laughed and enjoyed time together, not looking at our phones, Tvs or computer screens. It was then I knew that as soon as I found a few quiet moments (and electricity!) I wanted to share some of my thoughts on time.


I could have dwelled a little longer on my negative feelings which were actually not directed toward the power outage, but rather at the notion that we have become so dependent on electricity, and I don’t mean just me – I mean society in general. Instead, though, I chose to enjoy the quiet, the darkness, the love in the room. I focused my energy on trying to channel any negativity into motivation…to bring out the best version of me during these times.


One of my 2018 intentions (or resolutions) has been to balance my time more wisely so I can be more present – in my home, my relationships and in working to fulfill my goals and dreams. The best way to do this for me is to learn to set boundaries and to say no when I need to. The hardest part is doing these things without feeling guilty. I think I’ve been doing ok, but this past month has really tried to challenge me, reminding me that I can do better. There is always time for growth, for change, for progress. So, when I heard we were getting our 4th nor’easter (on the first day of Spring nonetheless!) I may have grumbled along with others, but in all honesty, I silently wished for another snow day. What a great reminder as we head into a warmer season full of activities! A reminder that time will only feel like it is flying if we let it.  Remember to be present, take time to (self!) reflect, practice yoga and meditation, appreciate every single moment, and – yes – put the phones and gadgets down more often. When we learn to slow ourselves down, time slows down.


Winter is slowly making its exist. It knows when we are ready. Enjoy its beauty and be grateful for the lessons it provides you with. Be ready to embrace Spring and its opportunity for growth and change. Thank you for being you. Hope to see you around the studio.

Bhakti and Namaste,




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