Sunday Inspiration Week 30

A Special Note from The Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio:

Dear Friends,

On this last Sunday of 2013, we would like to thank all of those who made this year a huge success. This past year we introduced new classes to the studio, started up our website and newsletter, made some minor renovations, and opened up the second yoga room! We couldn’t have done it without your continued support and dedication. Thank you. 

This coming year will bring about more growth and change. If you take a moment to look at our Class Schedule you will notice that we have added even more new classes beginning on January 2nd! (Help you keep those resolutions!) Additionally, we will be hosting different Yoga Events on selected Friday evenings. These will include: Yoga and Wine Tasting, Ladies’ Night Yoga, Hot Happy Hour, and other unique and fun classes and events. We hope you will join us and help spread the word. To make some of these things happen, we will be working on the studio again to make some minor renovations and repairs. So, please pardon the dust and mess ahead of time. 🙂  Lastly, “The Stretch Gazette” will start up again in 2014 with a whole new format. We will still include “Words of Wisdom” and inspiration and motivation for your Yoga Practice, along with Studio News, updates and more.

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays and we want to wish you a very prosperous, blessed and happy New Year. Namaste.

~The Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio

“The Stretch Gazette” is a special collection of weekly posts which feature popular and original Yoga articles, quotes, pictures and other inspirational material. Every Sunday, The Twisted Monkey will bring you some words of wisdom, yoga tips and facts, and highlight a specific Yoga Pose for the week. You can subscribe to “The Stretch Gazette” and receive email notifications of new posts by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

Words of Wisdom

 Types of Yoga

Aerial Yoga: a newer style of practice that incorporates the use of suspended fabric (circus) hammocks. This allows the students to more easily get into traditional Yoga poses and hold them longer. The practice is designed to help advanced yogis challenge themselves in a safe manner, while also helping beginners to better understand yoga postures and their purpose.

While many yoga studios and health clubs are beginning to offer their own version of aerial yoga, the original is known as Aerial Yoga BT (Bernasconi Technique), created by aerial dance artist and yoga instructor Jayne Bernasconi. Bernasconi blended the arts to help students to target specific areas of the body with deep stretching and strengthening, particularly of the torso and shoulders, to achieve proper alignment and maximize their results. Students are also introduced to the endless health benefits of the “art of inversion”, such as decompressing of the spine and circulation of blood flow.

 Pose of the Week

 Aerial Yoga Poses

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