The Stretch Gazette – January 2018

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Happy New Year Twisted Monkeys! (Are we still allowed to say that?) Hope your 2018 has started off full of greatness. We’ve definitely started with some crazy cold weather! Sure it’s a pain in the butt, but how beautiful was it to ease into the year with some snow days, allowing us to slow down and reflect. I definitely took some time to think about last year’s good, bad, beautiful and ugly, and what I would like to carry into the new year with me, as well as the things I need to let go of…notice, I said need.

When we come from a place of truth and love, we will see that the things we want and the things we need are very different. So this year, I decided that I needed to get back to writing. Before taking on The Twisted Monkey, when my daughter was very young, I used to write a blog about parenting and organic living. Things got a little busy when I took on managing role at the studio back in 2012 and I soon realized I needed to let go of some things. I always looked at blogging as a want, so I stopped. When I took an even bigger leap and became co-owner of the studio in 2015, I was definitely met with some challenges and juggling more responsibilities. These past few years I have experienced so many life adventures that have helped me grow and feel grounded in who I am today. So as I reflected on where they have led me to in the present, I realized that I NEED to blog again. Writing has always been my outlet and what has been missing for me.  So this year, The Stretch Gazette will include a little personal blurb from me, with an intention to connect with all the wonderful members that walk through our doors, along with anyone who happens to come across my posts. Remember…


“We are more alike than we are different. We all want the same things: Kindness, Compassion, Safety, Security, Happiness, and Love. There is enough to go around. Give it away!” ~Susan Abrams Milligan


This month, in traditional January fashion, I thought it only appropriate to share some thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. Over the years, it seems resolutions have grown to get a bad rap. What once was a way to start the year with goals and aspirations, has become jokes and memes about diets, joining the gym, and how we’ll fail our resolutions by Jan. 2nd


So, as we approach the end of the first month of the new year, I thought it a good time to mention the idea of setting intentions instead (just like we do in yoga class!) and reflect on what ours might be for 2018.


So, what is your aim or purpose? What are you working on achieving this year? And are your intentions coming from a positive place of growth, love for yourself and others, and do they speak your truth? Maybe you’re still a little stuck on what your resolutions or intentions are for this year. Well, lucky for you, I came across this great list of ideas to help you out…

20-Intentions-List This Winter season, we hope you will find the time to stop in to the studio, step on your mat, and come back to your intentions. Our schedule has something for everyone and we have some exciting workshops and events happening just about every weekend. If you are a member of our studio and are not receiving our monthly email newsletter, please check your spam folder or sign up for our mailchimp service by setting up a studio account with us through Glofox. If you’ve never been to our studio before and live locally, we hope you’ll find the time to pay us a visit. If you live far away and are interested in yoga, we hope you found a little inspiration here. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the year.

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