Sunday Inspiration Week 21

“The Stretch Gazette” is a special collection of weekly posts which feature popular and original Yoga articles, quotes, pictures and other inspirational material. Every Sunday, The Twisted Monkey will bring you some words of wisdom, yoga tips and facts, and highlight a specific Yoga Pose for the week. You can subscribe to “The Stretch Gazette” and receive email notifications of new posts by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

Words of Wisdom

“…yoga is a path to undo the root of all types of misery through the direct experience of deep, clear, open awareness.”

~Richard Freeman, Yoga Instructor

“At first you might find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred space and use it, eventually something will happen. Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”

~Joseph Campbell

“For what we seek is within, and in yoga, this is where we dive headfirst.”

~Max Strom 

“The practice itself, done consistently and accurately, is the real teacher.”  

~Tim Miller, Yoga Teacher

Types of Yoga

Kripalu Yoga:  This is a form of Hatha yoga that consists of three parts. You will begin by learning how your body works in different poses.  Your body is the teacher. You will continue by holding poses longer and practicing mediation.  The final goal is to find an inner focus that quiets the mind and emphasizes self-acceptance and spirituality.  Kripalu teaches to follow the life-force energy and to incorporate what is learned into our daily lives.

Pose of the Week

Upward Warrior 2