Sunday Inspiration Week 19

“The Stretch Gazette” is a special collection of weekly posts which feature popular and original Yoga articles, quotes, pictures and other inspirational material. Every Sunday, The Twisted Monkey will bring you some words of wisdom, yoga tips and facts, and highlight a specific Yoga Pose for the week. You can subscribe to “The Stretch Gazette” and receive email notifications of new posts by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

Words of Wisdom

“Life energy cannot flow when you grip too tightly and when you relax you allow life to flow through you.” ~ Kino MacGregor

“Yoga’s greatest gift is the vulnerability that fills your tender heart after a deep practice session and the spiritual strength that gives you the benefit of unflappable faith and devotion.” ~ Kino MacGregor

Types of Yoga

Restorative Yoga:  This practice emphasizes connection between the mind and the body, as well as deep relaxation.  Several yoga props are used, but the number of poses are less than usual. However, these restorative poses are held for several minutes and many of them are done while laying down. Focus is on breath and opening the chest. This practice will help quiet your mind and is ideal in the evening, especially for those who suffer from sleep issues.

Pose of the Week

Warrior 1

2 thoughts on “Sunday Inspiration Week 19

  1. What a great site for easing your way into yoga or continuing to improve your yoga poses and stretching each week. The inspiration and insightfulness brings a calm and peacefulness to my day. Thank you!

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