Sunday Inspiration Week 10

“The Stretch Gazette” is a special collection of weekly posts which feature popular and original Yoga articles, quotes, pictures and other inspirational material. Every Sunday, The Twisted Monkey will bring you some words of wisdom, yoga tips and facts, and highlight a specific Yoga Pose for the week. You can subscribe to “The Stretch Gazette” and receive email notifications of new posts by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

Words of Wisdom

‎”It is necessary to be connected with the creative force. The connection is always there, but it is missing on the conscious level. Meditation makes that connection.  It is felt with divine realization of the creative force.”

“Meditation does not need a long time to see result.  Just begin to mediate and begin to be happy.  With practice, the intensity of the result increases. The degree of happiness also increases.  It is felt immediately from the start of practice.”

Types of Yoga

Mantra Yoga:  This practice involves meditation and the use of certain sounds called mantras. These mantras were discovered in deep meditation by highly advanced sages and teachers. They are traditionally transmitted to students, and are used as objects of concentration. Mantras help students with self-purification, concentration, and mediation.

Position of the Week

The Bridge


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