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The Stretch Gazette – May 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

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I’m still a bit in denial that May has come and gone. Not gonna lie, it was a challenging month. Aside from accepting that Spring weather made its appearance for just one week, I was met with a rush of – life! Not problems, or hurdles, or difficulties…life. It’s all about perspective, right?


As the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours.” (And it’s literally been raining a little too much around here!) However, there doesn’t need to be a negative tone attached to it. It may not be easy, in that given moment, to release the tension, the fear or the negativity, but it’s not so much about that. I think we tend to forget that as humans, it’s natural for us to react defensively, be it physically and/or mentally….and that’s ok. What’s not ok, is allowing those reactions to take over, and dictate how we treat others and ourselves. Even worse? Allowing negativity to rob us of life experiences.


I recently had to make an unexpected trip to CA to see my grandmother. She was in the hospital and we had quite a scare. When I got the call, I panicked. I started looking ahead and thinking about all I had coming up. I felt overwhelmed and even angry at God for the bad timing. Then a good friend reminded me what I already knew….to stay present. Right now, what did I need to do? The answer was clear. I had to go see her and be with my family. My grandma is home now, and while she is very fragile and weak, she is stable for the time being. My siblings and I really pulled together to help her, as well as my parents. It’s brought us all closer together. I know that this is teaching me to embrace that in every “negative situation” lies a positive….whether it’s an emotional growth, a learning experience, or even the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. I am so thankful I made the decision to go.


Some of you know that one of our instructors, Kimmy K, just welcomed a beautiful baby girl. One of the things that worried me prior to my trip, was that she was due around that time and I was scheduled to be at the delivery as her doula. Kimmy gave me her blessing to go and I left it in God’s hands. Imagine my delight (not so much Kimmy’s!) when I got back and little Vivian had still not made her debut. A few days later, I was fortunate to be by Kimmy’s side when she arrived (a week overdue!) It was a beautiful experience that I am so honored to have had the privilege to share.


These are just two of my recent experiences that have left me feeling different, inspired, humbled, and extremely grateful. The biggest reminders I’ve received are to find the positive in the negative and to truly enjoy each moment and embrace each one as an essential part in my life story. There will be challenges along the way and we are going to run into those moments where we feel that it’s just pouring rain on us. Even the recent rainy weather can play tricks on our spirit, which made me think of another old saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” But then I ran across another one that resonated a little better with me….


Thank you for taking the time to read. Hope I’ve been able to inspire you a little, or maybe help you feel like you’re not alone. What keeps me from giving in to negativity is my yoga and my support system.  Please know you have both at The Twisted Monkey. I would just like to end by thanking my Yoga Family, you know who you are. Thank you for holding down the fort and supporting me when I needed it most. Though I’m not a fan of the saying (only because of its overuse!) “I am blessed.”, I truly know that I am. Thank you all for your love and friendship.

Bhakti and Namaste,

~Daniella 979554f6d6f513c99adb63e3c0e91ab010-Reasons-Self-Care-Is-Important1

The Stretch Gazette – Summer 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

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Yep….just like that! While I love Summer, I’m really happy to feel cooler weather and look forward to all the changes. This Summer was a bit rough. Some of you may have noticed I took a short break from blogging these past 3 months. Now that things have settled, somewhat, I find myself needing the outlet…needing to connect and reach out. As some of you may also know, I lost my grandmother back in June. She was like a mother to me. My best friend. My everything. I miss her terribly. It’s made me feel so lonely at times, yet at the same time just wanting some alone time so I can talk to her and feel her presence. She’s with me always. I know this.


This whole experience has really taught me so many things….my compassion and sympathy for anyone who has lost a close loved one, well, it’s just become pure love and empathy. Death is inevitable. I know this…but I also know and truly believe that there is something more. It gives me comfort. My grandma had just turned 95 before she passed. So, yes, she lived a long and good life and that gives me some comfort too. Yet, I still hurt.  The waves of grief are like nothing I thought I’d feel.


I know we all heal in our own time, in our own way. I’m learning and trying to be patient with myself. A few good friends who have experienced similar losses have told me that I’ll never get over this…that it might seem to get easier, but really it just gets different. I’m grateful for their honesty. I believe them because I feel it already. Just a week ago, I would cry just trying to talk about her. Out of nowhere I’d miss her so much that my chest would tighten and my throat would close up. Somehow, in this past week, I’ve been feeling a little better, a little bit stronger, and more like myself. And while I’m crying now as I write this post, it’s different. I feel her presence big time. Instead of wanting to crawl into bed to cry, I find myself wanting to channel the energy in a more positive way.


I very recently decided to go back to teaching in the classroom. I’ll be teaching Spanish again at my daughter’s school. The opportunity presented itself unexpectedly, but it has just felt so right. It’s crazy how a single event can really change your outlook, make you see and feel things you didn’t before, and just completely make you reprioritize and change the path you’re on. I SO welcome it all. Things have really been making sense and falling into place for me in the past couple of weeks. I know it’s my grandma. She’s watching over me, my daughter, my family.


I wanted to share this with you, as I will be taking a baby step away from the studio to teach full-time. You’ll still see me pop in to check on things or to take a class. I’ll also be teaching a morning class on most Sundays. However, I have a great team of instructors and staff who I know will hold down the fort and allow me the space and time I need to take care of my family and take care of me.  I will not be posting a blog again until the New Year, when we revamp the website a bit. Until then, I just want to thank you all so much for your support, your smiles, your hugs, and for just being you! I am forever grateful for our Twisted Monkey community and family. Wishing you all a blessed Fall and Holiday season.

In Memory of my beloved Lila,

Bhakti and Namaste,



The Stretch Gazette – April 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.

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We once again end the month with a powerful Full Moon – this time a pink full moon in Scorpio. It was named after the pink flowers that bloom in the early spring known as phlox. The moon’s energy affects our bodies, our moods, the oceans and lands and this particular full moon has the power to transform. Must be no coincidence I’ve been getting inspired to write!

Full-Moon-April-2017-665x435 This past month, right in line with this particular Full Moon, I’ve found myself contemplating relationships. I’ve been living on the East Coast for 12 years now and often find myself missing my friends from back home in CA. There’s nothing like being around people who just get you, where you come from, your roots. Yet, I have to remind myself that I’m not the same person I was years ago, not even 2 months ago! We are all continuously experiencing life and hopefully learning and growing. This is really the basis for the ebb and flow of relationships…whether blood, friendly, or romantic.

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Last month, I talked about making changes in order to “Spring Clean” and let go of things or bad habits. I’ve been doing my self-work and in the process have realized something really important – change does not always equal transformation. Too often we confuse or misuse the two words. When we change things, we are focusing on the past. Transformation is about creating the future. We can change things all we want, but if we want things to truly be different, we have to dig deeper. We have to continue the work.700a4e66474e7e932f09b2cd9df9c192

One of the biggest challenges, however, can be the very people we are closest to who just don’t get it. It was a big fear of mine for a long time. Until just recently, I was scared of hearing the words, “You’ve changed” and it not be considered a good thing. I held on to the “old me” to please those who expected me to be or act a certain way, or for fear of losing a friend. However, in doing the work, I soon learned that I was allowing their fear of change to stand in the way of my transformation. While it still is a work in progress, understanding this simple concept has helped me immensely, not only to accept myself, but accept them.


Fortunately, for me, I not only have a strong core group of family and friends on the west coast, but I also have a beautiful, connected tribe of people right here and now that I love and appreciate very much. Over the years, as I’ve gone through growth and changes, I’ve seen growth and changes in my relationships with others too. The most important things that I’ve found is that while friends don’t always have to agree, understanding and respecting each other’s journeys are a must. Sharing values, not musical tastes, is what’s important. Letting go is sometimes important. Most of all, knowing that every person who has crossed my path, whether they stayed for a moment or have been here for years, has played an enormous part in who I was, who I am, and who I will be. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to meet some pretty amazing individuals through our yoga community. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you.

Bhakti and Namaste,

~Daniella 979554f6d6f513c99adb63e3c0e91ab0



The Stretch Gazette – March 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.


Happy Spring Twisted Monkeys!

While March may have brought us some indecisive weather and unexpected nor’easters, the arrival of Spring can surely be felt. As we end the month with a Blue Full Moon, a Holy week and holidays, and some long awaited Spring sunshine, may we use the powerful energy of the universe to connect us to our truest self. May our experiences this Winter and the lessons they brought allow us to blossom and grow along with the flowers. And may we remember that through Faith and Love all things are possible.


One of the traditions that come with this time of year is the idea of Spring Cleaning. I know when that first week of warm weather ensures Winter is gone until next time, I soon start cleaning out closets and cabinets, packing up donation boxes, and clearing the house of those things that no longer serve my family or home. I’d be lying if I said it’s something I look forward to, but I will say that it’s become easier and more pleasant. See, I use to struggle with letting go of things. I’d have no problem getting myself all fired up and convinced that I was ready to get rid of some junk, only to then find myself sitting in the middle of my room, immersed in old memories and overwhelmed by the idea of throwing anything away. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you would’ve seen me on an episode of Hoarders or anything. I’ve just always been sentimental and also very aware that while I didn’t go without, I definitely didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was taught to value and be grateful for what I did have and I think that somewhere along the line I started to express it by getting attached to things. It took time, patience and baby steps, but I can confidently and happily share that yoga is something that really helped me put this all into perspective. It took me a bit to understand the concept of detachment and that it’s not a bad thing. Through my yoga practice, my studies, my meditation and the amazing people in my life, I am pretty proud of where I am with this today. I work hard for the things I have, but I remember that they are just things. I like to think that I’m more of a minimalist. I’ve raised my daughter to be ok with hearing no when she wants a new gadget or pair of shoes she doesn’t need. Most of all, I remind myself often that it’s the moments I spend with my loved ones that matter.


But it’s not always material things that can be an issue. Sometimes, our thoughts and our relationships can become junk that’s just sitting around taking up precious space. So, this year, in staying true to the intentions I set for myself at the beginning of the year, I’ve chosen to include a few mental Spring Cleaning items to my list. It’s so important to check in on what things we might still be carrying within us that could very well be holding us back. Whether it’s holding on to regret that we did not accomplish something by a certain time, a relationship or friendship we know robs us of our energy, or maybe a bad habit we know we are overdue in breaking, by holding a Spring cleaning for ourselves, for our soul, we can save space for those things and people that will fill us up with positivity and love. We can then see, know and embrace our truest self. This is the yoga.


This Spring, if you are looking for a little support in letting go of things, people, thoughts and habits you’ve been holding onto that are only hurting you, may you look upon the studio and our community as a safe place and support system. May you leave your worries behind and find peace on the mat. May you find the strength you need to let go so you can grow. Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed Passover, Easter and Spring season.

Bhakti and Namaste,




The Stretch Gazette – February 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.


It’s actually mid-March, so this February blog post is coming to you just a tad bit late. However, I guarantee several of you feel me when I say that, sure, February is the shortest month, but – man, that went fast! So as I sit here, watching the snow gently fall (did I mention it’s March!?) outside my window, I can’t help but notice how slowly the hours are passing by today.

As some of you maybe heard, earlier this month I lost power (twice!) during some of these crazy nor’easters we’ve had. One of those times I lost it for 3 days. I will be the first to admit that I struggled. I tried to keep it together and focus on all my blessings, so as not to lose my mind because my laptop battery was at 5% as I was posting class cancellations, my house was cold, and my newly purchased groceries were probably going bad. I did ok. Aside from some super helpful and understanding friends and family, what really put it all into perspective for me…a moment I was sitting on the family room floor playing every board game we own with my family. The hours went by so slowly and we laughed and enjoyed time together, not looking at our phones, Tvs or computer screens. It was then I knew that as soon as I found a few quiet moments (and electricity!) I wanted to share some of my thoughts on time.


I could have dwelled a little longer on my negative feelings which were actually not directed toward the power outage, but rather at the notion that we have become so dependent on electricity, and I don’t mean just me – I mean society in general. Instead, though, I chose to enjoy the quiet, the darkness, the love in the room. I focused my energy on trying to channel any negativity into motivation…to bring out the best version of me during these times.


One of my 2018 intentions (or resolutions) has been to balance my time more wisely so I can be more present – in my home, my relationships and in working to fulfill my goals and dreams. The best way to do this for me is to learn to set boundaries and to say no when I need to. The hardest part is doing these things without feeling guilty. I think I’ve been doing ok, but this past month has really tried to challenge me, reminding me that I can do better. There is always time for growth, for change, for progress. So, when I heard we were getting our 4th nor’easter (on the first day of Spring nonetheless!) I may have grumbled along with others, but in all honesty, I silently wished for another snow day. What a great reminder as we head into a warmer season full of activities! A reminder that time will only feel like it is flying if we let it.  Remember to be present, take time to (self!) reflect, practice yoga and meditation, appreciate every single moment, and – yes – put the phones and gadgets down more often. When we learn to slow ourselves down, time slows down.


Winter is slowly making its exist. It knows when we are ready. Enjoy its beauty and be grateful for the lessons it provides you with. Be ready to embrace Spring and its opportunity for growth and change. Thank you for being you. Hope to see you around the studio.

Bhakti and Namaste,




The Stretch Gazette – January 2018

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly blog. Every month we will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and personal thoughts from co-owner, Daniella. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.


Happy New Year Twisted Monkeys! (Are we still allowed to say that?) Hope your 2018 has started off full of greatness. We’ve definitely started with some crazy cold weather! Sure it’s a pain in the butt, but how beautiful was it to ease into the year with some snow days, allowing us to slow down and reflect. I definitely took some time to think about last year’s good, bad, beautiful and ugly, and what I would like to carry into the new year with me, as well as the things I need to let go of…notice, I said need.

When we come from a place of truth and love, we will see that the things we want and the things we need are very different. So this year, I decided that I needed to get back to writing. Before taking on The Twisted Monkey, when my daughter was very young, I used to write a blog about parenting and organic living. Things got a little busy when I took on managing role at the studio back in 2012 and I soon realized I needed to let go of some things. I always looked at blogging as a want, so I stopped. When I took an even bigger leap and became co-owner of the studio in 2015, I was definitely met with some challenges and juggling more responsibilities. These past few years I have experienced so many life adventures that have helped me grow and feel grounded in who I am today. So as I reflected on where they have led me to in the present, I realized that I NEED to blog again. Writing has always been my outlet and what has been missing for me.  So this year, The Stretch Gazette will include a little personal blurb from me, with an intention to connect with all the wonderful members that walk through our doors, along with anyone who happens to come across my posts. Remember…


“We are more alike than we are different. We all want the same things: Kindness, Compassion, Safety, Security, Happiness, and Love. There is enough to go around. Give it away!” ~Susan Abrams Milligan


This month, in traditional January fashion, I thought it only appropriate to share some thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. Over the years, it seems resolutions have grown to get a bad rap. What once was a way to start the year with goals and aspirations, has become jokes and memes about diets, joining the gym, and how we’ll fail our resolutions by Jan. 2nd


So, as we approach the end of the first month of the new year, I thought it a good time to mention the idea of setting intentions instead (just like we do in yoga class!) and reflect on what ours might be for 2018.


So, what is your aim or purpose? What are you working on achieving this year? And are your intentions coming from a positive place of growth, love for yourself and others, and do they speak your truth? Maybe you’re still a little stuck on what your resolutions or intentions are for this year. Well, lucky for you, I came across this great list of ideas to help you out…

20-Intentions-List This Winter season, we hope you will find the time to stop in to the studio, step on your mat, and come back to your intentions. Our schedule has something for everyone and we have some exciting workshops and events happening just about every weekend. If you are a member of our studio and are not receiving our monthly email newsletter, please check your spam folder or sign up for our mailchimp service by setting up a studio account with us through Glofox. If you’ve never been to our studio before and live locally, we hope you’ll find the time to pay us a visit. If you live far away and are interested in yoga, we hope you found a little inspiration here. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the year.

Bhakti and Namaste,






The Stretch Gazette – December 2017

“The Stretch Gazette” is our studio’s monthly newsletter. Every month The Twisted Monkey will bring you some motivation through Words of Wisdom, Yoga Tips & Facts, and the latest news from our Yoga Studio. Please subscribe to receive email notifications of our latest publication by entering your email in the box found on the sidebar. Namaste.


“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”
— Mary Anne Radmacher

“Love the giver more than the gift.”
— Brigham Young



The holiday season is upon and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed one, surrounded by family and loved ones. Reminder that we will be  CLOSED on Christmas Eve and Day (12/24 and 12/25), as well as New Year’s Eve and Day (12/31 and 1/1.) Classes (and resolutions) will resume on Jan. 2nd of 2018!

For now, let’s have some fun as we end 2017 with love, light and positivity…

We didn’t even get a chance to officially announce this one and spots filled up!
This Saturday, 12/9 at 1 pm we are super excited to offer a free demo of BUTI Yoga. Two spots have just opened up! So if you’re interested in trying this high intensity fusion of Power yoga, Plyometrics, Cardio and Tribal Dance, get to our app and sign up now, they will go quickly! Look out for Buti Yoga on our Winter Schedule soon.
Mommy~n~Me Movement
Calling all mamas and their 2-4 year old little yogis! Join us for a special 45 minute class designed to give you the opportunity to enjoy some stretch, smiles and special time with your little ones. Pre-registration is required as space is limited.

Saturday, December 16th 2017 @ 8:45am

For more info and to register visit our Workshops & Events page.



Annual Studio Holiday Party!

Come mingle with yoga instructors and fellow studio members as we celebrate the holiday season. We will provide snacks, music, and we get to wear something other than yoga clothes!

Saturday, Dec. 16th ~ 7pm to 9pm

Join us in expressing our gratitude for this wonderful community!



108 Sun Salutations!

It’s that time again – Join us in celebrating the official start of Winter with a Warm Yoga Mala! We will attempt (and succeed!) in completing 108 Sun Salutations to welcome the season. If you’ve never participated in a Mala, don’t miss out on the fun! (Approx. 90 min., but stay as long as you can and do what you can…The fun is in trying!) The mala will take the place of our Sat. Warm Flow class this day but temp. will still be set to 85 degrees.

Saturday, Dec. 23rd 2017 @ 11:30am

This is a cash donation class only, with a minimum of $10 per person. Donations will go to Transformation Yoga Project. Thank you!


“Dear Friend” Winter~Holiday Collection

This year, instead of asking for canned goods, coats or money, we are asking that you share a little love with someone in need. Please read the flyer below and we ask that you mail or drop-off letters by Sunday, Dec. 17th so we may distribute in time for the holidays. Thank you for your support and a big thank you to our instructor Kimmy for such a beautiful idea.  Look out for Yoga for Recovery classes coming in 2018!

dear friend edited JPEG



Reminder that our Main Studio is selling 10 class packages for just $70! It’s like getting 3 classes free…and there is no expiration! What’s the catch? Package is only valid for regular classes in the Main Studio (no Hot Yoga), may only be purchased once, and must be purchased via the Glofox app or website. May not be purchased in-studio. Offer expires 12/16/17.

Also for sale…


Now through 12/16/17, purchase our studio T-shirt for just $5! (reg. $10 – available in S, M, L and XL) and our studio Tank Tops for just $10 (reg. $15 – available in L and XL only) Purchase must be made in-studio only. All Twisted Trinket bracelets are on sale for $10 and make sure to check out some of our other unique gift ideas in the lobby. Reminder that Gift Certificates are also available for purchase in-studio only at the desk. Nothing like the gift of yoga!



  • Schedule Changes: Our schedule will remain the same throughout December with the exception of Thursday morning and the holidays. Our 10:30am Vinyasa Flow class will be cancelled after Dec. 14th. Reminder that we are closed on Sun. 12/24 and Mon. 12/25, as well as Sun. 12/31 and Mon. 1/1.
  • Lost and Found: Last call! Any items that are left behind in the studio (i.e. jackets, socks, water bottles, mats, towels, etc.) that are not claimed by Dec. 31st will be recycled or donated.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Don’t forget to give us a like for daily schedule updates on our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter too!

Happy December! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! 

As always, thank you for your continued support and smiles. 🙂